Treatment Components


The Chronic Pain Management Unit (CPMU) has been treating patients since 1973. 

It is a cognitive behaviourally-based pain program that provides treatment for people who suffer from chronic pain.  The CPMU is a four-week, multi-modal, interdisciplinary, group based treatment program that focuses on increasing the patient's overall function and improving their quality of life.

Patients participate in structured activities and set goals in the area of productivity, work, physical fitness, social re-integration, recreation, nutrition, and family.  As well, patients may be treated pharmacologically for their mood, as necessary, because if left untreated mood problems can become a barrier to rehabilitation.

The team is made up of a diverse and skilled inter-disciplinary group of health professionals.  The advantage of conducting treatment in this type of milieu is that a patient receives a time limited, intensive, and comprehensive treatment program that takes place in one location with a unified treatment approach.  Our goal is to provide patients with strategies and skills that they can apply to their own home and workplace environments.