Co-Payment Information


  • Applies to all designated complex care beds (all beds at St. Peter's Hospital with exception to the restorative care program and the end of life program)
  • Represents the patient's contribution toward accommodation and meals, not clinical care
  • Is calculated based on the patient's monthly income, established annually, the number of dependents that a patient has, and housing costs for a residence in the Community to which the patient realistically expects to return. In some cases the patient pays no chronic care co-payment; in other cases the patient may pay a lower chronic care co-payment.
  • Current maximum chronic care co-payment is $1848.73 for a standard ward room (effective July 1, 2018)

Individuals will not be denied care based on inability to pay the co-payment. The staff in St. Peter's Hospital business office would be pleased to assist you with any co-payment related questions you may have when a referral to our facility is being considered. Every case is reviewed on an individual basis.

Please contact ALC Co-Payment Specialist - 905-521-2100 ext. 49850 assistance.

More detailed information is available on the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website.