Hamilton Orthotics 

Orthotics is the evaluation, design and creation of an orthosis (for example, a brace or helmet) to improve function, health and comfort.

If your family physician/specialist has prescribed an Orthotic device, you may call 905-521-2607 to book an appointment with one of our Orthotists. If you feel you require an orthotic device, you can discuss this with your family physician or ask to be referred to one of our Orthotic clinics.

Having an Orthotic device made usually requires approximately three appointments or more, depending on how complex the device is. The first appointment is to assess your condition and take a negative cast and/or measurements of the body parts that require support. The next appointment involves a fitting and alignment of the Orthosis. Subsequent fittings may be necessary for follow-up or in some cases to allow for finishing of different components of the Orthosis.