B0 Thrombosis - Juravinski

Clinical Manager(s): Delia Palmer
Clinic Phone Number: 905-521-2100  ext: 42640
Clinic Fax Number: 905-574-7625

Address and Location:

Juravinski Hospital                            
711 Concession St.,            
Hamilton, Ontario
L8V 1C3                                 
Section B Level 0                                                 

Services Provided:

This outpatient clinic is for treatment and prevention of blood clots.  Nurses follow patients from their inpatient experience through to discharge and while they are at home to provide continuity of care.

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How to Find the Clinic:  
Juravinski Hospital - Enter the Hospital through the Main Entrance (Entrance A). Take the elevator located to your right down to Level 0. Turn left out of the elevator. Thrombosis is straight ahead at the end of the corridor.