Redevelopment at McMaster University Medical Centre 

The time has arrived!MUMC and MCH are moving forward with significant redevelopment of their facilities.

Over the next two years, nearly 20 percent of the existing site or approximately 125,000 net square feet will be redeveloped into a state-of-the-art facility.

The MUMC/MCH project includes renovations on levels 1 through 3 plus the replacement of flooring in many high traffic areas. Although the work will take place primarily in the Red Section, the decanting plan includes areas throughout the building. Since no ‘new' space is being created, and patient care activity levels at the site are rising, some non-clinical units are moving off site to make room for clinical services.

Construction will include a number of projects designed to accommodate the growth of McMaster Children's Hospital and the unique needs of pediatric patients and their families. Specifically, inpatient, outpatient and emergency services will be upgraded and expanded.

Redevelopment at MUMC/MCH will include the following:

  • Creation of a Child & Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Unit that will support current ambulatory services;
  • Expansion of Pediatric Ambulatory Services that support the consolidation of these services at MCH;
  • Expansion of the Emergency Department will focus on creating an environment that is better suited to caring for young patients.
  • Renovation of the surgical area to provide an environment which supports expansion of day surgery activity for children. This includes updating operating theatres and creating pre- and post-operative areas that are dedicated to children and families;
  • Creation of a Pediatric Critical Care Unit that meets the modern demands of the critical care environment;
  • Development of a special inpatient area for the pediatric sedation program.

The MUMC/MCH Redevelopment project began with the creation of the temporary Pediatric Critical Care Unit on Ward 3B in June 2007.

Redevelopment will require the relocation of many hospital services and programs in order to decant space and make way for rebuilding. Decanting will continue throughout the two-year project. All efforts are being made to cause as little disruption as possible. Staff will be informed as far in advance as possible if their area is being relocated.

We ask for your patience and understanding during the redevelopment process.

For updated information about redevelopment, construction progress and relocations at MUMC/MCH, please click here or on the "Staff FYI" tab located on the navigation bar to the left of your screen.