Patient Privacy
Question 01. What is meant by the term “personal health information”?
Question 02. What information does the hospital collect?
Question 03. Why does the hospital need this information?
Question 04. How does the hospital protect my information?
Question 05. Does the hospital share my information with anyone?
Question 06. Do I have to participate in fundraising, surveys, research and teaching?
Question 07. Will the hospital disclose my personal health information to companies or to my employer?
Question 08. Where is my health information stored?
Question 09. Can my family see my health information?
Question 10. Can my family physician access my health information?
Question 11. What if I am unable to provide consent to release my health information?
Question 12. Will my family and friends be able to call in to get information about me over the phone?
Question 13. Can all hospital staff access my health information?
Question 14. Where do I go to access my health information?
Question 15. What if some of the information in my health record is incorrect?