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Interpreting & Translation in Health Care

A Patient Centered Guide to Implementing Language Access Services in Healthcare Organizations

This guide was developed by the Office of Minority Health (OMH), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). It provides a comprehensive and practical step by step approach to implementing languages services in health care organizations dealing with culturally diverse communities. It was developed as a result of the growing concerns about racial, ethnic, and language disparities in health and health care in the U.S, and the need for healthcare systems internationally to accommodate increasingly diverse patient populations. It serves as an important tool for improving access to health care in culturally diverse communities. (United States)

Addressing Language Access Issues in Your Practice: A toolkit for physicians and their staff members

This toolkit was developed by the California Academy of Family Physicians. It provides guidance to general practitioners and health care workers who work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. It incorporates an approach to redesigning practice procedures to improve services to patients who speak limited English. The toolkit focuses on the difference between communicating directly with the patient and using an interpreter, the difference between a trained and untrained interpreter and the reasons why physicians should not use family members as interpreters. (United States)

Best Practice Recommendations for Hospital Based Interpreter Services

This is a reference guide produced by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to assist hospitals in developing interpreter services appropriate for patients and service providers. (United States)

Communicating with Clients with Low English Proficiency

his resource developed by the Center for Culture, Ethnicity & Health provides communication tips to consider when working with clients with low English proficiency.  (Australia)

Diversity RX

A clearinghouse for information on health and diversity. Models and strategies for overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers to health care are recommended. (United States)

Ethical Considerations in Working with Culturally Diverse Populations: The Essential Role of Professional Interpreters

This research paper from the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry at McGill University highlights the importance of using professional interpreters while working with clients who face language barriers. It discusses the impact that language barriers have on clients and providers in clinical care, the problems associated with the common practice of using untrained interpreters and the advantages of using professional interpreters. (Canada)

Making Focus Groups Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate

This resource developed by the Center for Culture, Ethnicity & Health outlines an approach to focus groups which involves factoring relevant cultural and linguistic considerations into focus group planning and implementation. (Australia)

Massachusetts Department of Public Health: Interpretation Services

This webpage features posters that explain an individual's right to interpreter services in multiple languages. These posters can help identify the language spoken by a non-English speaking patient and displaying the poster in health care settings can help create a more welcoming environment for non-English speaking patients. (United States)

National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC)

This organization promotes culturally competent professional health care interpreting as a means to support equal access to health care for individuals with limited English proficiency. NCIHC Working Papers under the "Publications" section provide guidance into commonly asked questions regarding health care interpreting, such as: What should the role of an interpreter be? How do you test interpreters when no certification test is available? What models exist for providing language access services? (United States)

Translation Services & Materials

This webpage is featured by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  It provides guidance and tools to staff involved with translating health related documents. (United States)

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