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Women's Health 

A Provider's Handbook on Culturally Competent Care: Women's Health 1st Edition

This handbook was developed by Kaiser Permanente. The goal is to provide clinicians with an overview of the cultural and epidemiological differences that characterize major cultural groups. The Handbook focuses on common characteristics of each group that may have implications for health care organizations and practitioners. (United States)

Atlantic Center of Excellence for Women's Health

The Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health is one of four national Centres of Excellence for Women's Health funded by the Bureau of Women's Health and Gender Analysis of Health Canada. They conduct policy-oriented research aimed at improving the health status of Canadian women by making the health system more aware of and responsive to women's health needs. (Canada)

British Columbia Center of Excellence for Women's Health

The mission of the British Columbia Excellence for Women's Health (BCCEWH) is to improve the health of women through innovative research and the development of women-centred programs, practice and policies. Currently, BCCEWH activities focus on women and addictions; mental health; health services; mothering and maternity; and physical activity.  This website features an extensive three part bilingual web-based Women's Health Information Data Directory that can be accessed under "BCCEWH Initiatives". Particularly useful for health care providers is "The Survey", an online repository that links health practitioners, policy makers, health authorities and women's groups to a range of resources on women's health including: international, national and provincial documents.  This site also offers a series of downloadable publications, resources and reports on women's health issues in B.C, Canada and abroad. (Canada)

Canadian Women's Health Network

The CWHN women's health database provides access to over 13,000 resources - publications, research, articles, organizations, reviews and projects covering a wide range of information on women's health and women's lives. (Canada)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Women's Health

This website provides women's health guidelines and recommendations on a variety of health topics from A to Z. Also provided are resources on women's health issues for health professionals. (United States)

Healthy Living: Women

Health Canada provides a comprehensive range of health information and resources to serve the interests of women. (Canada)

Laleche League International-Breastfeeding

This website provides breastfeeding information in other languages. (United States)

National Asian Women's Health Organization (NAWHO)

NAWHO is a national non-profit health organization with a mission to achieve health equity for Asian women and families. This website provides access to NAWHO research and develops reports on health issues impacting Asian and Pacific Islanders. (United States)

Our Bodies Ourselves

Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS), also known as the Boston Women's Health Book Collective (BWHBC), is a non-profit, public interest women's health education, advocacy and consulting organization.  The online "Women's Health Center" provides accurate, up-to-date content on a wide range of women's health topics, including: wellness, safe sex , pregnancy, birth control, violence against women, medical problems and procedures, menopause and sexuality. (United States)

Planned Parenthood Toronto

This website features a series of fact sheets on birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections, general health and sex and sexuality. (Ontario, Canada)

Prairie Women's Health Center of Excellence

The Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence is one of the Centres of Excellence for Women's Health supported by the Bureau of Women's Health and Gender Analysis of Health Canada. The Centres are dedicated to improving the health status of Canadian women by supporting policy-oriented, and community-based research and analysis on the social and other determinants of women's health. PWHCE's goal is to improve the health of women in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in particular by making the health system and social systems more responsive to women's and girls' health and well being. (Canada)


Reproductive Health Online

This website developed by the international non-profit health organization - Jhpiego, an affiliate of John's Hopkins University, provides up-do-date reproductive health information in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian. Topics include family planning, maternal and neonatal health, and cervical cancer. (United States)

The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women

This handbook provides information on women's heart disease and practical suggestions for reducing risk of heart-related problems. (United States)

U.S Department of Health & Human Services:

This website provides information to educate both health professionals and patients on health issues and concerns affecting women. It offers access to more than 4,000 publications and 2,000 organizations on more than 800 health topics affecting women. The web site contains fact sheets; frequently asked questions (FAQs); information on national health education campaigns; a calendar of national and local events; daily news on women's health topics; online journals and dictionaries and a series of publications on women's health issues. (United States)

Women's Health Matters

This is an online source for reliable, evidence-based and up-to-date information on women's health and lifestyle issues. The website is updated several times a week and is backed by health experts at Women's College Hospital and other leading health-care organizations. Available in English and French. (Canada)

You and Your Health: A Woman's Guide

This guide was developed by the B.C. Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport. It includes information on women-specific health issues and concerns as well as the links between women's health and the health of communities. It has recommendations for ways women can improve their health and also suggests ways for women to work together to improve the health of communities and families. (British Columbia, Canada)



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