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Wrist Hand Orthosis (WHO)

This young lady developed an ulnar deviation of her fingers as a result of an osteoarthritic change to the metacarpal area (knuckles) of her left hand.  Our upper extremity specialist, orthotist Brad Haardeng C.P.O (c) has created a one of a kind orthosis that allows her to have support and correction for the deviated fingers while still allowing them to be useful in a functional grip.

Dynamic Wrist Hand Orthosis WHO

This orthosis offers a large range of adjustability in positioning the wrist.  The adjustable hinge allows for easier donning (application) of the orthosis.  The hinge can be fully flexed while donning the device which allows for the hand to be placed in the corrected position much more easily.  Once the straps are secured the hinge can then be adjusted to the desired angle of correction.  Over time, if range of motion is lost or gained at the wrist and fingers, this orthosis can be easily adjusted to match the user's condition.

Lateral view showing joint configuration set into extension.

Lateral view showing joint configuration set into flexion.

Medial view showing thumb trough.

Top view showing strapping system used to secure the wrist and hand.

This view shows how the thumb and fingers are supported within the orthosis.


Locking Elbow Extension Orthosis

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