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Cardiac and Intensive Care Unit (CICU)

Visiting the CICU

When can I visit the CICU?

Your visit may be delayed depending on the patient's condition or the care being provided.

You may be asked to wait in the Waiting Room:

  • When a patient is newly admitted to the CICU.  This process can take up to an hour or longer.
  • During shift change in order to allow staff to assess their patients and focus on their reports.  Shift change occurs between the hours of 6:45 to 7:30, both morning and night.  The staff may also not take phone calls during these times.

We will always try to keep you informed and involved.

Who can visit the CICU?

Patients and families decide who may visit.

We ask that only 2 visitors at a time visit the CICU.  Please talk to a member of the CICU team if you need to have more than 2 visitors at one time. Children may visit with an adult.  The CICU can be a frightening experience for a child.  Please talk to the CICU team so may help you plan your visit.

Please do not visit if you are ill.

Other important information about visiting the CICU

  • Flowers, plants and latex balloons are not allowed in the CICU.
  • We are a fragrance restricted hospital.  Please do not wear or bring perfume, cologne, aftershave, scented hair spray or other scented products.
  • Turn off your cell phone in the patient's room.  You may use your cell phone in the Waiting Room.
  • There is no public internet access at the Juravinski Hospital.
  • There are no TVs in the CICU patient rooms.  Families may bring in music or movie players such as MP3 players, iPods or iPads to comfort and support the patient.

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