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What to expect:

Your First Clinic Visit
Will be about 3 hours long.  You will meet with a nurse for an hour to review your current health and health history, current medications and immunization history (For example:  last tetanus shot, hepatitis A vaccine, etc.).  The nurse will also provide you with more information about HIV and your diagnosis.  You will also meet with the social worker to talk about HIV and your diagnosis.  Finally, you will need to go to the blood collection lab in the hospital to have some lab work completed.  The results of your lab work become available to the team in approximately 2 weeks and that is when you will meet with the doctor. 

Your First Appointment with the doctor
Will be about 2 hours long.  You will meet with the dietitian to talk about HIV and your diagnosis.  You will also see the nurse to talk about any changes since your first visit.  Finally, you will meet the doctor.  The doctor will discuss your diagnosis with you as well as the information you provided at your first clinic visit and your lab work results.  Other team members you may meet at your appointment include the social worker, pharmacist and the research team.

Your Follow up Visits with the doctor
Will usually occur every 3 months depending on your health.  More frequent visits may be made for different reasons such as if you are starting HIV treatment, etc.

What to expect if you are getting Hepatitis C treatment


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