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HIV & Hep C Co-infection

HIV and Hepatitis C Co-infection

HIV and Hepatitis C Co-infection
According to CATIE, untreated HIV/Hepatitis C co-infection is a more serious health issue than having only HIV or hepatitis C alone.

Hepatitis C Monitoring Tests
Following a diagnosis of Hepatitis C, your doctor will suggest more tests to monitor liver function and other health conditions that might impact your Hepatitis C.

For more information about:
Liver function tests
Liver enzyme tests
More tests

Visit CATIE HepC Info

There's Good News!
Patients who are HIV-Hepatitis C co-infected have access to new and improved treatment options, which are more tolerable and effective.

What to expect during Hepatitis C treatment
Research for people infected with HIV & Hep C

Hamilton Public Health Hepatits C Fact Sheet
Hepatitis C Fact Sheet 

Hepatitis C Treatment with Pegasys
Hepatitis C Treatment with Pegetron
Living with HIV and Hepatitis C Co-infection Guides readers through the effects of co-infection and treatment strategies, staying healthy and preventing transmission.
Double Duty-Living with Hepatitis C and HIV co-infection 
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