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Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury 

Clinical Manager - John Zsofcsin

Clinic Phone Number – 905-521-2100 ext: 74101

Intake Office - 905-521-2100 ext: 40807

Regional Rehabilitation Centre
300 Wellington St. North
Hamilton, Ontario

Clinical Team: Multi-skilled rehabilitation therapists and advanced rehabilitation therapists, behaviour therapists, psychologists, nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, social workers, nutritionists, therapeutic recreationists, pharmacists, clinical coordinators, community intervention coordinators and clinical specialists.

Physiatrist:  Dr. Flor Muniz, Dr. H. Hosseini

Psychologist:  Dr. Diana Velikonja

Patients Served:

The Acquired Brain Injury Program (ABIP) serves the needs of adults 16 years of age or older with acquired brain injuries and their families.

The program is based out of the Regional Rehabilitation Centre, 300 Wellington St North, Hamilton, ON

Admission to the ABI Program is determined by a comprehensive referral process.

The intake process begins when the medical referral and completed intake package are received at the ABI Program office. All referrals are reviewed within one week of receipt.  To review more program information click the following links:  ABI Program Description, Inpatient Referral Form and Outpatient Referral Form. For referral status updates or additional information, please contact the Intake Office.

Services Provided:

ABIP provides services that reflect:

  • Innovative client-centered service

  • Treatment plans based on individualized functional goals

  • Treatment within a rehabilitative setting or within the individual's natural environment whenever possible

  • Treatment that includes behavioural, cognitive, communication, medical, physical, psychological, psychosocial and psychiatric components as necessary.

ABI Programs:

 Inpatient Programs include:

 Community Re-integration Unit  (CRU)

The Community Re-integration Unit assists individuals with acquired brain injury to develop a level of independence sufficient for re-integration into the community. Functional life skills training is provided for 12 individuals with moderate acquired brain injuries.

Neurobehavioural Unit  (NB)

The Neurobehavioural Program is a provincial program responding to the needs of individuals with ABI who display challenging behavioural and/or mental health issues. This 12 bed program assists individuals who display challenging, socially unacceptable behaviours that prevent their participation in conventional rehabilitation programs.

Slow To Recover Program (STR)

The Slow to Recover program accommodates 6 individuals who have experienced a severe acquired brain injury. The focus of the program is to care for patients who are unable to access services in their home communities.

Outpatient Programs Include:

ABI Outpatient Clinic

The Outpatient Clinic can provide patients with pain and medication management, social work services, neuropsychiatric treatment, education about brain injuries and assistance accessing existing community resources.

Outreach Service

The Outreach Service is provided to individuals with acquired brain injuries after their discharge from inpatient units. This service is designed to facilitate a smooth transition to the community and is essential to the individual's ability to maintain the gains made while in the hospital. The Outreach Service also serves individuals who have been referred directly from the community who have not had a hospital admission.

Community Crisis Management Team

The ABI Crisis Management Team provides a quick response to ABI survivors and their families who are in severe difficulty or at high risk of danger to themselves or others.

Community Services

ABI Community Services provides community-based rehabilitation and consultative services for individuals with acquired brain injuries who are 16 years of age and older.

All clients referred to Community Services require third party funding which may include the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, insurance companies, or other collaborative agencies.



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