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Patients Served

The Department of Audiology serves adults and children who have concerns about their hearing, are hard of hearing or have pathologies associated with the ear or auditory pathway.

The department places emphasis on special populations such as newborns, infants, children with developmental, physical and emotional problems and the elderly.

Services Provided

Audiology provides a full range of diagnostic and rehabilitative services. The department also provides hearing aid sales and services, an important part of the rehabilitation process for audiology clients.

The Audiology Team

The department is staffed by Certified Audiologists who are registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario.

The hearing aid dispensary is staffed by Dispensing Audiologists who are registered with the Assistive Devices Program, W.S.I.B., Veteran's Affairs Canada and Indian Affairs Canada. They are not salespeople.

Your visit to Audiology

 Please be sure to bring your health card to your visit.  During your first visit you will be asked to fill in a general health information form. You will then visit with an audiologist who will perform necessary testing and make recommendations.

Frequently Asked questions

Q. Do I need to pay for a hearing test?

A. The hearing test is covered by OHIP.

Q. What if I need a hearing aid?

A. If the audiologist recommends that a hearing aid would help you, he or she will arrange for a hearing aid evaluation.  At this appointment, the audiologist will discuss the various types, circuits and styles of hearing aids that would be suitable for you.  He or she will recommend a specific hearing aid for you and you will receive the necessary paperwork to obtain the hearing aid at a hearing aid dispenser of your choice. This appointment is not covered by OHIP.

Q. How much do hearing aids cost?

A. Hearing aids vary in cost.  Most people can also receive funding through the Assistive Devices Program which contributes $500 PER EAR towards the cost of the hearing aid.  Our audiologists will help you understand the differences between the hearing aid technologies and the costs involved.

Q. How old does my child have to be to have a hearing test?

A. A hearing test can be done at any age.

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