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UPDATE: Sept 8 - C. difficile at the Juravinski Hospital on a Medicine Unit
September 8, 2012

C. difficile outbreak on a medical unit (E3), at the Juravinski Hospital site of Hamilton Health Sciences.

Status as of 11:45 am on September 8, 2012:
• There are 3 hospital-acquired cases on E3, with no new cases today.

From the affected area, one patient was discharged yesterday (Sept. 7), and one patient passed away today (Sept. 8). After a careful medical review of the deceased patient’s case, it was determined that C. difficile was unlikely to have contributed to the patient’s death since the patient’s C. difficile symptoms were resolving. This is the second death of a patient from the outbreak group. In the previous case, that patient’s C. difficile symptoms were also improving and it was determined that C. difficile did not substantially contribute to the patient’s death.

Since C. difficile infection can be triggered by antibiotic use, each patient on antibiotics on the unit continues to be reviewed by the Antimicrobial Stewardship Group and antibiotic treatments are adjusted as required by the patient’s condition.

Enhanced C. difficile infection prevention and control measures have been implemented to prevent the spread of this infectious disease. This has included careful cleaning of specific patient care areas. Over the last three days, additional cleaning measures involving a very careful cleaning of the entire unit have taken place. To allow for this work to be done, Unit E3 was closed to new admissions on September 5 and remains closed.

All clinics and services at the Juravinski Hospital are continuing to function as usual.

Hamilton Health Sciences, in partnership with Hamilton Public Health, is monitoring this situation closely and will provide updates.

Hamilton Health Sciences recognizes the need for ongoing staff and public education about C. difficile, and has produced two videos that are now available online. In one, Dr. Dominik Mertz, HHS Medical Director of Infection Control & Prevention, gives basic information about C diff. In the other, Cindy O’Neill and Cindy Rogers, also from HHS’ Infection Control program, discuss and demonstrate proper hand washing. Here is the link: (If viewing on a slower connection, please allow a moment for the video to load.)

C. difficile outbreak on a medical unit (E3) at the Juravinski Hospital declared on August 27, 2012


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