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Patient Privacy

06. Do I have to participate in fundraising, surveys, research and teaching?
• From time to time, you may be contacted by the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation for the purposes of conducting surveys or fundraising. Although your participation in such initiatives is not mandatory, without the generosity of our donors and participation of our past patients, we would not be able to provide the excellent level of care and services we currently do.
• HHS may provide health information for the purpose of research. Where the law permits, researchers may use this information for the purposes of research without patient consent. Other forms of research, such as clinical trials or clinical investigation that may have a direct impact on your care, requires your specific permission. A member of your health care team may ask your permission for a researcher, who is affiliated with the hospital, to approach you about a clinical research trial. If you agree, the researcher would provide you with information about the research and ask if you would like to participate. Many research projects give participants access to new treatments and technologies. You are under no obligation to participate in this type of research, and you can refuse when asked. The care you receive will not be impacted in any way if you decline.
• HHS is a teaching health care institution. The hospital provides clinical experience for student physicians, nurses and a variety of other health care professionals. The students are constantly under the direction of a licensed practitioner. If you have concerns about the participation of students in your care, please speak to your physician or Leader in the hospital where you are receiving your care.
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